Von Grow

Student at Dark Horse Dental Studio, DTG Magazine, Damaged Goods

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About Von

Its time to come out of the shadows my Dental Tech Brothers!

I began my craft in 1995, taking employment in my uncle’s denture lab. After 5 years, I left to serve a mission for the LDS church. Upon my return, I took up employment at Utah Valley Dental Lab, a mostly fixed cosmetic lab, in the model department. Before long, I was unexpectedly taken under the wing of Mark Willes, who became my mentor for the next 10 years. In that time, I was trained extensively in all things wax and porcelain, specializing in anterior work. I am one of a handful of people who are proficient in the Durathin prepless veneer, and am proud to be the only Durathin approved lab in the world. I have a well-rounded understanding of marginal integrity, contacts and occlusion, and contour. I have had the opportunity to travel and train with the best technicians in the world: Naoki Aiba, Thomas Singh, Michel Magne, Matt Roberts, Russell DeVreugd, to name a few. I am a product of all of this. I started The Dental Technicians Guild in March of 2013. Started DTG magazine not long after that.

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