Brent Harvey

Vice President / Sales at Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc.

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I have always been the person to give the shirt off my back for my family and friends. I enjoy working with people and help fixing problems. I have always had an ability to talk to people, which is why I wanted to be in an industry that highlights such traits.

I take care of pricing and day to day needs of customers. I have a good knowledge on what is Zirconia and how to properly use it. Whether you need pricing, trouble shooting, correct firing temperatures or porcelain fires, i can help. I have become addicted to this industry. You can never stop learning about the dental field and that is my type of industry. I have a habit of learning whatever i can about the industry, even if i do not need to learn everything. I look forward to a long and exciting adventure in the Dental Industry.

Troubleshooting - I believe the key to any product is to be able to understand what you are using, bring out the best in your work. I have dedicated myself to learning Sintering Ovens, Porcelain Ovens and anything else that would pertain to Zirconia to help my customers best understand what they are using.

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