Glen Smith, CDT/TE

All on 4 Senior Technician at Robertson Dental Lab

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I am a Certified Dental Technician with over 35 yrs of experience in removable prosthetics. My initial training came at Fort Sam Houston, Academy of Health and Sciences, San Antonio, Tx. I opened My Laboratory in 1983 in Merced, California and Closed it in 2010 after accepting a position with Affordable Dentures, A company that will afford me more upward mobility and actually loving the work enviroment. My most memorable moments until now were working with German Master Technicians while stationed in Kiaserslautern, Germany where learned as much as I could from them. Over the years I have processed dentures in 5 different techniques from Ivocap to Microwave, go figure the later didn't last. I am going to sign up for Bridge so I can hopefully answer some questions for younger Denture Tech's.