Tom Reed, CDT

Owner at Reed Dental Lab

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I attended North Pacific Dental & Medical College in 1966-67. Drafted into army & was mostly a dental assistant in Korea in 1968-69. I worked in a couple of dental offices part-time and then worked in a big lab for several years. Then I worked full-time in a dental office lab where I did all the C&B & denture repairs. In 1978 I started my lab and have stayed small. I found that I tend to worry & micro-manage people too much for my own good & probably theirs also. I've had mostly part-time workers through the years but have done most of the work myself. The lab has been slow since late 1978 & I'm glad I'm no younger because I'm being dragged kicking & screaming into the digital age. At 67 social security is supplementing my "not as good as it used to be" income. I'll probably go several more years & then retire. I've been a CDT in C&B since 1975 & in Ceramics since 1976. God has been good.