Norman Macher, Jr.

Dental Technician at Norman Macher, Jr

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I am a full time dental lab tech for a local dental school,,, teaching students on how to make dental appliances. I am 49 years old and I have been a dental tech since graduating from a certified school in 1983. I did try to be a certified lab tech back in 1985 but failed.It caused be to be intimidated to try again. I was devastated by the whole experience. Lately I have been seeking to again try to be CDT, but finding it a chore to take the time and effort to being one. I enjoy being a dental tech at the school where I work, but feel I can be more beneficial to undergrad students who want to be dentist. So, that is why I am seeking to be a CDT. I have 4 years experience working as a dental technician in a prosthodontics private office,1 year in a commercial lab and another 20 years working at the dental school. I have worked with various doctors who have worked with implants, overdentures /implants, crown and bridge ,orthodontics, and removeable dentures and RPD's. The industry is growing rapidly into the digital world and I know that our school is not keeping up enough to the growth. Reaching out on THE BRIDGE though LMT, I am hoping that I can learn from my peers and learn from them to have the courage to expand my knowledge for career I have chosen since graduating from high school.