Andy Wang

Director at Aidite High-Technical Ceramics, Co.,Ltd.

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Superfect Zir- the expert of dental zirconia block

Aidite company, the professional dental zirconia block, cad cam machine,scanner, 3D printer,and furnace manufacturer and supplier all over the world.

Aidite had more than 3000 dental labs customer ,also own more than 100 clinic in southeast Asian and China.


Aidite zirconia block

1. Superfect Zir Series

High Strength(HS) is for implant,abutement

High Translucent(HT) is for coping and coping bridge

Super High Translucent(SHT)is for dental full contour and full contour bridge.

Anterior translucent (AT) is for anterior teeth and veneer.

2.Single Colored Zirconia Block

HT single Colored zirconia block;16 color available.

SHT single colored zirconia block;16 color available.

3. Multilayer zirconia block

Posterior Translucent(PT) ,1100mba; six layer.

Anterior Translucent(AT) ,770mba;six layer.

2.Aidite 3D printer

3.Aidite Cad Cam Wax, PMMA,and polish tool;

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