John Sarris, DMD

Dentist at Elite Smile Designs

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Dr. John G. Sarris takes special pride in welcoming you to his newly commemorated practice in Pompano Beach. Florida. Elite Smile Designs™ is where sincere concern and compassion is combined with his superior academic background and over two decades of experience to provide simply the best dental care found anywhere.

His philosophy of patient service combined with the support of his loyal team raises the bar in both patient care and clinical results. Many of his dedicated staff members have in excess of 15 years in the service of Dr. Sarris and Elite Smile Designs. This is evident in the calm, harmonious and professional ambiance one encounters in each and every visit.

A graduate of Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, where he earned his D.M.D., John made a telling statement recently. He mentioned that even as a student, "No matter what the class requirements, I would make sure that my work exceeded the expectations of my colleagues as well as my professors. One could claim that I was nothing short of obsessive when it came to excellence in the work I did".

Dr. Sarris has received special training in several integrated disciplines. He has completed seven cores at the LVI Global Institute. This training enabled him to treat many symptoms associated with Tempormandibular joint disorder (or TMD; one cause of excruciating migraine headaches, neck and facial pain.

This form of neuromuscular dentistry (NMD) is he believes is the wave of the future. NMD may be best likened to building a house (the teeth) on a sound foundation (the jaw and muscle positioning).

When Dr. Sarris combines the effects of NMD with cosmetic dentistry the patient gets a lot more than a new smile. By being an expert in aligning the patients bite he has instigated relief with non invasive therapy and as an added benefit he is a purveyor of what is being called the 'dental facelift".

For extreme cases of dental deterioration dentures are no longer the single course of action. There are multiple permanent alternatives available in a variety of price ranges and length of treatment. Dr. Sarris is an expert in the restoration of dental implants.

He is also Invisalign® certified and has been recognized as one of the "Top 100 Invisalign Providers" in the U.S.A. He is dedicated to a lifetime of continuing education, focusing on his particular interests in implant restorations and periodontal care.

Dr. Sarris also serves in a philanthropic capacity providing pro bono work for the economically challenged without the fanfare.

Dr. Sarris' European roots places family, professional integrity and a certain 'joie vivre' at the forefront of what is important in life. He is a proud father of two sons who are thriving in both an academic and creative environment