Mohemed Malek Alshaebi

Ceramic at Alshaebi Dental Lab

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Nine years ago, I graduated from two years dental technician program in Yemen. I covered all areas( complete and partial-denture, ceramic, crown and bridge, removable orthopedic and retainers). after four months of my graduation, I opened a full services lab. Which covers all areas and I worked by my self at the beginning. After one year, I hired someone and trained him to help me out prpering the models and dealing with delivers so I can spend my time focusing in the lab. Work. tow years later, I moved to USA with my family, and I tried to find a job in my career which can save my a lot of effort instead of attending school again. Now, I'm planing to open a dental lab here in USA but I still have to attend courses that can help me to refrish my experience...

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