Mitch Kline

Product Specialist at Klineco

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My attitude has always been how can i help your lab succeed

I have been in this business for over 40 years. I started at 17 and am now 60 years old. I went to a Dental Assisting Program in High School, worked in a dental lab, delivery, model work, investing, etc. Served 4 years in the air force as a dental lab tech, owned a dental lab, worked as a waxer, metal finisher and ceramist. I've done dentures and some ortho, worked for Glidewell in the early 80s, Dentalloy and finally Hendon Dental Supply for 29 years. In Arlington Texas. I have been a field rep for almost 30 years, have done hundreds of conventions and seminars. I'm the gy in the cowboy hat. My expertise is dental lab product knowledge, I know what works, what products are hype... I am a bench technician that can evaluate product performance and recommend or not. I ahve helped hundreds of labs save time and wasted effort on products that do not work or are a fad because of marketing hype. I always evaluate a product by its production quality, what works in a 60-man lab may not have any value to a 3-man lab. You have to know your labs to be able to recommend a product in an individual laboratory. Anyway, I am here to help, My answers to products are honest based upon real lab evolution of that product. Too many times the lab gets caught up in advertising and market strategy that oversells the actual function and value of the performance of a product. Never purchase a product without a trial in your lab. If it works, they'll give you samples or demonstrate it personally. -Mitch