Frank Tintrup

Lab Manager at Tintrup Dental Lab, Inc.

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  • March
  • Tintrup Dental Lab: Taking Care of its Own

    Mount Vernon, NY

    Owner: Andrea Tintrup

    15 employees

    When Frank Tintrup, Jr., Owner of family-owned Tintrup Dental Lab in Mount Vernon, NY, passed away at the end of 2000 from pancreatic cancer, no one expected his wife Andrea Tintrup to step up the way she did. Without any previous laboratory experience, she walked into the lab in January 2001, called a staff meeting and ensured the staff that she was going to work her hardest to make sure everyone kept their jobs and could cash their paychecks every Friday. She has been keeping that promise for the last 14 years.

    Despite her personal tragedy and...

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