Ryan Carpe

Dental Technician at Aspen Dental

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Sculpting , mold making , music , Movies !! Hiking , kayaking, camping

I am a graduate of Hofstra University in long Island with a bachelors in Film studies and Production. After that I went to Special Effects school in Pittsburgh. I learned to make teeth for movie sets there and that's where the bug bit me. If you asked me 2 years ago if id be making dentures for a living id have laughed. But I love it. I currently work as a tech for Aspen Dental in Upstate New York. Being as new as I am I'm always looking to expand my knowledge base and as well as looking for a new challenges . I currently only make removable dentures with some small implant cases but in the future id love to be able to learn fixed cases and hybrid dentures as well as using CAD/CAM.