James Garland, CDT

Owner at Garland Dental Laboratory/Monotrac Articulation

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CDT, owner since 1978 Garland Dental Lab, inventor of the Monotrac Articulation System

Besides being involved in dental technology since 1972 and inventing the Monotrac I love outdoor type activities. I was born in Oregon raised in the bay area California. After graduating and studying dental technology at the local junior college a buddy and I went to Utah to ski bum a season and I never went back. I worked as a technician to get through collage at the University of Utah, graduated with a BA in art with emphasis in sculpture. I still live in Salt Lake City to ski, fish, hunt, hike, mountain bike, 4x4 wheeling and many other endless things to do here. I designed and built my own underground passive solar home that is quit unique. Being ADHD I love to design, create and invent but also have CRS.