Lars Hansson, CDT

Senior Vice President for Digital Implant Solutions at Valley Dental Arts

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Lars Hansson, CDT, FICOI, .  is currently the Senior Vice President of Digital Implant Solutions at Valley Dental Arts, Minnesota.  He has studied and worked with many of the leaders in the cosmetic and implant world including: Drs. Per-Invar Bränemark, Pete Dawson , John Kois , Carl Misch, Michael S Block, Avishai Sadan, Robert F. Faulkner, John Cranham, Christian Coachman, David Garber, Maurice Salama, Henry Salama and many more.

Lars is a board certified and master dental technician from Malmö, Sweden.  He is the Chair for the Academy of Osseointegration Allied Staff committee and a Fellow member in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Lars is also a honored PEERS member for Dentsply implants and is an assistant lecturer for the Mid-Atlantic Center for Advanced Dental Studies. Lars is a clinical faculty at VCU(virginia commonwealth university) and also a special consultant to several manufacturers, teaches and is experienced with all of the major implant systems. Lars has published several articles on implant dentistry, digital dentistry and communication. He serves on the IDT( Inside Dental Technology) as the Editorial Advisory Board and has lectured extensively nationally and internationally on digital dentistry, cosmetic and  implant dentistry, including the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), AO(Academy of Osseointegration), SACD(Swedish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)and the Astra Tech international world congress in Sweden 2012. AAOMS( American Academy of Oral Maxilla facial surgeons) and is a speaker Xpert on Dental XP. Lars also is a DSD Instructor and teach DSD(Digital Smile Design) live hands-on courses.