• October
  • Oct22-24
    Introduction to Complete Dentures

    Seminars/Clinics · Implant Esthetics Center of Excellence (Sarasota)

    A three day course designed to instruct basic complete denture prosthetic principles for the dental professional that will increase personal knowledge, proficiency and productivity.  This course emphasizes primarily three areas of complete denture fabrication. Methods of communication between...

    Sarasota, FL
    Oct 22-24
      Joe P. Forte is attending
    • November
    • Nov5-7
      Precision Removable Appliance Course

      BEGO is proud to offer its famed Precision Removable Appliance training course (PRA). Expand your knowledge of RPD's through hands-on training and step-by- step fundamentals incorporating the Wironium® System. A short demonstration on the Dental Wings (DW) design software for RPD's will be provided...

      Lincoln, RI
      Nov 5-7
    • Nov14-15
      Anterior Function and Esthetics


      This updated two day hands-on waxing seminar will go beyond esthetics and give the dental team an in depth understanding of lingual morphology as it applies to function, form and phonetics. Participants will learn techniques which will help them obtain proper preparation reduction for PFM's, pressed...

      Durham, NC
      Nov 14-15
    • Nov19-21
      Milling Course

      Designed for the CDT — BEGO’s Milling Technique course is an intense, hands-on instructional program in advanced milling education. Milling design theory, precision milling mechanics, retention and guide plane milling will be reviewed. Program includes conical designs and telescopic crowns,...

      Lincoln, RI
      Nov 19-21
    • December
    • Dec5-6
      A Practical Approach to Posterior Tooth Morphology


      This updated two day hands-on waxing course will teach participants how to rely on the ''DeVreugd Compass Concept''© to design the best occlusal morphology for the unique requirements of every patient. Students will learn how the compass applies to tooth sections with different occlusal contacts or...

      Durham, NC
      Dec 5-6
    • Dec5-6
      A Properly Fabricated Flexible Partial (2 day course)


      This course is ideal for technicians that are new to flexible partials. The course consist of the entire process necessary for fabricating a TCS Partial. Every step will be covered, from design and waxing to finishing and polishing. Each technician will fabricate a partial from start to finish, and will...

      Valley Stream, NY
      Dec 5-6
    • Dec8-9
      Advanced Digital Dentistry-Wieland


      This course will focus on advanced anatomical design of both single units and bridges, utilizing tools like the Virtual Articulator, morphing of a pre-op model or a wax-up, and the Cut-Back technique. Attention will be devoted to the Abutment Designer and different types of custom abutments. Attendees...

      Troy, MI
      Dec 8-9
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