• October
  • Oct9-10
    Gingival Esthetics for Complete Dentures and Implant Prosthetics Workshop

    Implant Esthetics Center of Excellence (Sarasota)

    This course is for the professional who desires to take removable or implant prosthetic technology to the highest level.  It will guide the participants through thoughts and techniques to achieve truly esthetic prosthetics. The course goal is to empower the technician and clinician with prosthetic...

    Sarasota, FL
    Oct 9-10
  • March 2015
  • Mar13-14
    Rocky Mountain Technical Symposium

    Shows/Meetings · Denver Radisson Southeast

    The 2015 meeting will include 1-4 hour seminars by expert clinicans, an interactive high-tech room where technicians and doctors can "test drive" the latest in CAD/CAM, digital and high technical equipment with expertise from technicians who have used the equipment in their own labs. For more information,...

    Aurora, CO
    Mar 13-14, 2015
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