• Acrylic Teeth

    Product (Acrylic) · Consumables

    HUGE DENTAL MATERIAL CO. manufactures seven types of acrylic teeth with different materials and molds in 16 A-D shades. The company is looking for U.S. distributors and offers private labeling; free samples...

  • Acry-Tone Acrylic Resin


    Acry-Tone is an acrylic resin that is flexible, fully reparable and relinable, and translucent. From DENTSOLL, the acrylic comes in a solidified ingot that's ready for injection in any system. It's hypoallergenic...

  • Anodized Abutments (Gold Hue)


    CMC is now offering Anodized Abutments (Gold Hue). Their gold anodization makes the abutment inside the crown less reflective (truer to a prescribed shade), resulting in more lifelike restoration. Pricing...

  • ArgenZ™ Zirconia

    Digital Fabrication

    ArgenZ Transitionally Shaded Esthetic Milled Zirconia offers labs extremely accurate, lifelike restorations with high translucency for beautiful esthetics. From ARGEN CORP., ArgenZ is available in 16 classic...

  • BioZX2 Pre-Shaded Zirconia Discs

    Digital Fabrication

    DT TECHNOLOGIES' BioZX2 High Translucency Zirconia offers high strength for layered and full contour applications. The discs are available in Light, Medium, Intense, Sun and Sun Chroma, along with the...

  • BruxZir™ Milling Blanks

    Digital Fabrication

    GLIDEWELL's BruxZir Shaded Milling Blanks are used for full contour zirconia restorations. With proprietary shading agents added during processing, the blanks feature homogenous shading throughout the...

  • BruxZir™ Milling System

    Product (Digital Fabrication) · Equipment

    GLIDEWELL LABORATORIES' BruxZir Milling System quietly mills BruxZir solid zirconia restorations in an average of 11 minutes. Technical support, a step-by-step DVD and a CAM PC are included when you purchase...

  • CAP FZ - Full Contour Zirconia with MultiShade

    Tools / Services

    CAP FZ is milled from the most aesthetic full contour zirconia available. We mill your restoration and perform a multi-color shading process that dramatically enhances the aesthetics. We then sinter the...

  • Celtra™ Duo Zirconia-reinforced Lithium Silicate

    Product (Zirconia) · Consumables

    Celtra™ Duo from DENTSPLY is a new class of materials for high strength glass ceramics with the NEW zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate - ZLS. The outstanding chemical properties of ZLS provide...

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  • Ceramco® PFZ


    Ceramco® PFZ Porcelain-for-Zirconia is formulated to provide laboratories an optimal balance of craftsmanship and efficiency while meeting the needs of demanding production schedules. With the industry's...

  • CEREC AC Connect with Omnicam

    Product (Digital Impressions) · Digital Fabrication

    CEREC AC Connect with Omnicam: Scanning simplicity

  • Classic®


    Classic® denture teeth offer a variety of New Hue® moulds to choose from, in 16 A-D and the top 8 Bioform® shades. These economically priced teeth provide a wide variety of options to customize...

  • Composite Resin Teeth


    YAMAHACHI DENTAL PRODUCTS USA's composite resin teeth feature a three-layer structure, are available in VITA® shades and have a surface hardness that is twice as hard as acrylic teeth, according to the...

  • Crystal Ultra Ceramic Hybrid

    Digital Fabrication

    DENTAL LABORATORY MILLING SUPPLIES offers Crystal Ultra, a highly esthetic ceramic-polymer hybrid material that flexes under stress and requires no sintering. Available in shaded discs and blocks, it's...

  • DenPlus Denture Acrylics


    DENPLUS offers three types of high-impact denture acrylics. Impact-20 features a fast curing time of 20 minutes in boiling water with optimal adhesion. Impact-Plus is for regular curing at nine hours without...

  • Dentavit® Acrylic Teeth


    Dentavit is DENTORIUM's line of premium acrylic teeth created to match the vitality and functional efficiency of natural dentition. These teeth provide consistent shades, high fluorescence, excellent translucence,...

  • DENTSPLY Cercon® ht Full Contour Zirconia, 98 mm Disks

    Product (Zirconia) · Consumables

    Not too big. Not too small. Just right. 98mm.

  • DENTSPLY Implant Systems


    In addition to providing the Astra Tech Implant System™, Ankylos® and XiVE®, DENTSPLY Implants also offers the Atlantis™ patient-specific, CAD/CAM solution for all major implant systems....

  • Denture Teeth


    PEARSON DENTAL introduces Naturadent Vacuum Fired Porcelain Teeth available in VITA and New Hue Shades and NaturaTone 3-Layer Plastic Teeth in New Hue Shades.

  • Diamond D® Denture Acrylic

    Product (Dentures) · Consumables

    KEYSTONE INDUSTRIES' Diamond D Denture Acrylic is an ultra-impact acrylic with excellent flexural strength. The versatile shading and spectrophotometer shade-matching technology ensures the right color...

  • Dual Form V Toothline Expansion


    In response to customer demand, two shades and eight popular American molds will be added to the Dual Form V acrylic tooth line in February. Dual Form V is an ideal choice for the transitional or standard...

  • DuraFlex Thermoplastic

    Product (Partial Dentures) · Consumables

    An alternative to nylon, DuraFlex from MYERSON is an advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable; stain and odor resistant; and is easy to adjust, polish, repair and add teeth to. Ideally injected...

  • Eclipse®


    Eclipse® light curing materials provide customers with a premium denture base material that is free of sensitizing monomers. Suitable for full and partial dentures, nightguards, splints and flippers....

  • Eledent Denture Teeth

    Product (Dentures) · Consumables

    Eledent is a premium, three-layer acrylic denture tooth available in VITA® shades with American molds. From UHLER DENTAL SUPPLY, eledent is a quality tooth at a cost-effective price.

  • Flexite Plus

    Product (Partial Dentures) · Consumables

    Flexite Plus from THE FLEXITE CO. is an allergy-free, medical-grade thermoplastic for partials. The unbreakable nylon is ISO9001 certified, FDA 510K registered and CE compliant and available in a variety...

  • ATLANTIS™ Patient Specific Solutions

    DENTSPLY Implants offers comprehensive solutions for all phases of implant therapy, including digital treatment planning, regenerative solutions, implant systems, restorations and practice development...

  • CAD/CAM Custom Abutments

    GC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES (GCAT), a subsidiary of GC America, produces high-quality CAD/CAM custom abutments and copings, including Aadva titanium, all-zirconia and blend (hybrid) abutments for most major...

  • Contourz Zirconia

    Full Contour Zirconia Crown Ready for Stain and Glaze. Contourz brand full contour zirconia crowns and bridges are the fastest and easiest way to create high strength, full contour, tooth colored dental...

  • Dale Complete

    Are you ready to start running a more productive and more profitable dental laboratory?

  • DENTSPLY Compartis®

    DENTSPLY COMPARTIS offers outsourcing services to help your lab improve productivity, manage inventory and minimize capital investment. You retain control when sending Cercon® art or .stl files from...

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