• Jelrus/Whipmix Burn out oven problem

    Matt Paton · March 27 at 6:27 pm

    I recently purchased 2 Jelrus Infinity L30 burn out ovens on E-bay, one used one new. The used performed well for about three months.  After three months the display would not ligth up but you could...See more

  • Purge Sinter

    Vision USA, a Dentrex Co. · Consumables

    VISION USA'€™s Purge Sinter is a decontaminator for your sintering furnace. Contamination builds in the furnace from oxides in coloring agents used to shade zirconia, and these oxides cause greening or yellowing of the...

  • WorkNC Implant Module

    Sescoi USA · Digital Fabrication

    SESCOI's WorkNC Dental implant module allows labs to mill bars and abutments with accuracy and efficiency. This easy-to-use module can cut all materials from softer materials, like zirconia, to hard metals, like titanium....

  • Digital Technology, Big Names Draw Over 900 Attendees to LMT's LAB DAY East

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · May 2013

    LMT's LAB DAY EAST—the largest dental laboratory trade show on the East Coast—was the place to be to research digital technology. This year, of the 93 exhibitors, over 40 companies offered...See more

  • Christian Scull: 'The Total Package'

    LMT Communications, Inc. · 40 Under Forty · Labs & Profiles · Nov 2012

    Many in our community have been inspired by Christian Scull and his remarkable combination of technical, teaching and business skills. For example, NaRae Free, Model Technician and Stain and Glaze Specialist,...See more

  • Among LAB DAY® Vendors, Competitive Fervor Intensifies

    Judy Fishman · The Way I See It · The Way I See It · Apr 2012

    For me, one of the greatest highs of our LAB DAY shows is returning home afterwards, brim-full of new ideas, juiced with the energy and creative strategies I pick up from you—our participants and...See more

  • Time=Money=Competitive Edge

    Judy Fishman · The Way I See It · The Way I See It · Dec 2009's a system to streamline processes, reduce waste and improve everyone's work life.

  • What's Stirring the Pot?

    Judy Fishman · The Way I See It · The Way I See It · Aug 2009

    Trade magazine publishers are not all cut from the same cloth. We have different reasons, values and goals in doing what we do...