• October
  • Oct25
    Esthetics for the Ceramist; Work-Arounds for Common Restorative Issues

    Sheraton Reston Hotel

    As the dental market continues to shift it is imperative that case challenges can be analyzed and a material solution or process can be utilized, providing a cost effective and esthetic smile. For all-ceramics it may be the challenge of masking a dark preparation or for modern PFM cases the lack of space...

    Reston, VA
    Oct 25 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • November
  • Nov14-15
    Anterior Function and Esthetics


    This updated two day hands-on waxing seminar will go beyond esthetics and give the dental team an in depth understanding of lingual morphology as it applies to function, form and phonetics. Participants will learn techniques which will help them obtain proper preparation reduction for PFM's, pressed...

    Durham, NC
    Nov 14-15
  • December
  • Dec3-4
    Porcelain Course

    This course offers an excellent hands-on experience for the crown and bridge technician. Learn how to layer or press procelain. This course compliments the C&B course, where the metal copings have been produced. What you will learn:-Proper bonding procedures -Internal staining -Contouring...

    Lincoln, RI
    Dec 3-4
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