Infection Control

  • Cross Contamination: Risk vs. Reality

    Maribeth Marsico · 30 Memorable Moments · Industry News · Feb 2014

    In 1987, an HIV-positive dentist in Florida was found to have transmitted the infection to six of his patients. This first-known case of clinical transmission of HIV and the uncertainty during the late...See more

  • We All Scream . . . Because We Can: a Different Kind of Journalism

    Judy Fishman · The Way I See It · The Way I See It · Apr 2013

    Just about every online news story enables readers to add comments at the end of the coverage. It's really wonderful to have this means of voicing our opinions and reactions to things that go on around...See more

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    Judy Fishman · Industry News · Nov 2011

    In September, prompted by an invitation from ProLab Solutions, LMT's Judy Fishman, along with industry peers, visited two Chinese dental laboratories

  • New York's Dental Laboratory Higher Education: How It All Began

    Renata Budny and Nicholas Manos · Labs & Profiles · Sep 2011

    Origins of New York’s dental laboratory higher education.

  • Mydent International Supports Autism Charity

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · Jun 2011

    With autism rates estimated as high as 1 in 91 children, Mydent International is providing ongoing support of Autism Speaks.