• CNC Dental Milling: Cycle Time and Surface Finish
    Steve Braykovich · January 20 at 1:57 am

    How long does it take your mill to machine a (insert restoration type here)? 

    This seems to be an area that the digital dental labs and milling centers are most concerned with and can likely be a key criterion in their purchase of a milling machine. Of course machine cycle time is important but it is in reality, not a true gage of a...

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  • Time For Us to Have a Unified Voice About the Dental Insurance Industry
    Dean Mersky, DDS · September 26, 2012

    I find the China debate to be very interesting yet perplexing. Some continue to believe that the problems faced by today's lab owners are in some measure due to the Chinese. This is akin to standing at the plate and taking a called strike while swatting a gnat. If we don't keep our eyes on the ball, the game will be over before we realized...

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  • Labor - Not Material Costs - is Key Factor Driving Selling Price of Chinese Crowns
    Claus Dampmann · June 15, 2012

    I'd like to comment on the April and May Letters to the Editor regarding material usage and disclosure documentation for restorations being produced by offshore laboratories and specifically those in China.

    As the general manager of ProLab Solutions, Inc., which outsources work to China, I am very supportive of full disclosure as it relates to offshore restorations and would like to provide a counter viewpoint to those who have concerns about the materials being used in China: - Major - but not all...

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  • Laboratory Registration is Not the Answer
    Larry Borman · April 17, 2012

    Dear LMT:

    A recent issue of Dentistry Today featured an article, "Dental Lab Registration: Dentists Leading the Way", written by attorney and NADL Chief Staff Executive Eric Thorn, who points out some interesting trends in states that are creating legislation or proposals requiring dental lab registration (including Virginia, Georgia, Minnesota,...

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