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  • A Look Inside Ten Home-Based Laboratories: Old-Fashioned Style With a Dash of Digital

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Home-Based Labs · Labs & Profiles · Jun 2012

    Three-quarters of home-based lab owners responding to LMT's survey are "very satisfied" with their decision to work from home. In addition to the financial benefits, they appreciate the flexibility, relaxed...See more

  • Lab Summit Determined to Continue Momentum

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · Apr 2012

    We've got the ball rolling. We're moving the needle in the right direction--maybe not as fast or as far as we'd like--but it's moving," said Dr. James Willey, Director of the ADA's Council on Dental Practice,...See more

  • Nine Ways to 'WOW' Your Clients With Education

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Marketing · Sep 2011

    Now more than ever, laboratory owners are stepping into the role of educator to their clients.

  • Dedicated Faculty Key to Thriving Technology Programs

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Labs & Profiles · Sep 2011

    Though the number of accredited dental technology programs is dwindling, two programs on opposite coastsâ€"Los Angeles City College and New York City College of Technologyâ€"continue to be successful,...See more

  • NYU Dental School Honors Jason J. Kim Dental Laboratory

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Labs & Profiles · Sep 2006

    Providing quality education for its dentist-clients has been instrumental to the growth and success of Jason J. Kim Dental Laboratory, Port Washington and Manhattan, New York.

  • A Place to Share What You've Learned About Digital Dental Photography

    Marta Lizza · June 13, 2013

    Dental photography is important to us as technicians. It's a useful tool for communication, marketing, self assessment, learning, etc. It can be a little overwhelming in the beginning but I've learned...See more