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    Baker Dental Alloys

    Product (Alloys)

    The Baker line includes over 50 precision-blended alloys and solders in a large assortment of colors and strengths to meet all esthetic needs. Baker produces...

    Denture Teeth


    ATLANTA DENTAL LAB DIVISION carries Trubyte, Heraeus, Ivoclar and Starlight brand teeth. The company offers low prices, same-day shipping for next-day...


    Tools / Services

    Prident is our cost effective, high quality lab service enabling a customer to affordably expand their offering through a full complement of customized...

    Outsourcing Laboratory

    CORE DENTAL LAB, located in Pennsylvania, is a full service outsource laboratory. It offers consistently high quality and excellent, proactive customer...

    Panthera Dental

    PANTHERA DENTAL offers a wide range of CAD/CAM products such as implant bars and bridges for all existing implant platforms. Its products can be manufactured...

    Zimmer® Zfx™ Milling Center

    The ZIMMER ZFX MILLING CENTER in Carlsbad, CA, offers a wide range of milled components including abutments, crowns, bridges and abutment-level bars. Abutments...

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