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  • Ivoclar Vivadent Honors Art of Denture Winners at Awards Ceremony

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LMT LAB DAY Insider · Technical · Apr 2014

    All day Friday, the LB Promenade was buzzing with LAB DAY attendees trying to get a look at the display of 28 entries in the second North American Art of Denture (KunstZahnWerk®) Competition, sponsored...See more

  • Calling All Denture Technicians: Show Off Your Skills AND Get a Chance at $1,000

    Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. · Industry News · Aug 2013

    To celebrate the work of highly skilled denture technicians and elevate the status of the specialty, Candulor is sponsoring its second North American "Art of Denture" Competition, inviting U.S. and Canadian...See more

  • Technician Has 'Chance of a Lifetime' Experience On South Pacific Dental Mission

    Becky Tyre · Technicians on a Mission · Labs & Profiles · May 2013

    "This trip will hold a special place in my heart as one of those chance-of-a-lifetime experiences," says Liz Lake, CDT, a staff member at Midwestern University (MWU) College of Dental Medicine, Glendale,...See more

  • Technology to Watch: AvaDent™ Digital Dentures

    Kelly Fessel Carr · Digital Dentistry · Sep 2012

    Since launching AvaDent Digital Dentures last fall, Global Dental Science has milled close to 2,000 arches. The dentures are currently being marketed directly to dentists; a laboratory partnership model...See more

  • 2012 Removables Survey: Removable Market Holding Its Own

    Kelly Fessel Carr · LMT Surveys · Sep 2012

    Forty-five percent of respondents to LMT's exclusive 2012 Removable Survey rate the market as good and 35% classify it as fair. The majority say their removable business in the first half of 2012 is level...See more

  • Mondial I and Mondial Teeth

    Heraeus Kulzer · Consumables

    Mondial i and Mondial denture teeth from HERAEUS KULZER are made from NanoPearls® filler material, which combines unique micro fillers and nano particles to deliver color stability and resistance to fracture, abrasion and...