The beautiful, comfortable choice.

Thermoplastic Comfort System was founded in 2000 by Marilin Posca. Marilin comes from a long line of dental professionals and innovators. With over 10 dental enterprises in the family ranging from Dental Offices to dental product & equipment manufacturers and designers, tcs® understands precisely the needs of Dentist, Labs and most importantly, Patients. tcs®, Inc.'s innovative products ensure excellence in light-weight and comfortable appliances that combine strength and flexibility with superior esthetic qualities. When you choose tcs®, you are taking advantage of the exceptional quality of tcs®, Inc.’s products. You also benefit from the profound knowledge of its staff as well as their unrivaled commitment to providing superior service and support; the kind of knowledge and dedication that can only come from a company founded and operated by people for whom inventing, manufacturing and supplying dental products is not just a business, but a family tradition for three generations. Since its beginnings in 2000, tcs® has sold millions of units used to fabricate partials, dentures and nightguards, and this number is growly rapidly.