LAB DAY Chicago 2013

Feb 22-23, 2013 · Chicago, IL

Educators at LAB DAY Chicago 2013
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  • Frankie Acosta

    Dental Technician at AA Dental Design, Inc.

  • Scott Adams, CDT

    Scott Adams, CDT, graduated from Ferris State University and has over 25 years’ experience in the field, including owning and operating a laboratory specializing in removable and implant technology. He joined Clear Choice...

  • Pinhas Adar

    CEO at Adar International, Inc.

    My Mission is to inspire individuals to align their lives with Purpose, Responsibility, Vision, & Principles of Greatness."

  • Lisa Alfonso

    Owner at Esthetic Dental Designs, Inc.

  • Anthony Arcari, CDT

    Owner/Manager at Arcari Dental Lab

  • Celin Arce, DDS

    Graduate Prosthodontics Resident at Univ. of AL Dental School

  • Jorge Arguello, CDT

    Technician, Oral Line at Alta Tecnica Dental Lab

    Jorge Argüello is a Specialist in fixed prosthodontics, removables, prosthodontics, and cosmetic and implant rehabilitation. A published author, he is a Founding Member of the study group Prometeo and speaks internationally.

  • Brian Arias, CDT

    Scanning Technician at Biomet 3i

  • Alek Aronin

    Dental Technician

    Alexander (Alek) Aronin began training in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1990 before moving to Israel where he cultivated his inspiration to create artistic porcelain restorations. In 2001, he opened a laboratory in Toronto and...

  • Shin Ashina, RDT

    Supervisor at Tanaka Dental Enterprises

    Shinsuke “Shin” Ashina, RDT, has been with Tanaka Dental since 1990 and has been its Laboratory Manager since 1993. He was trained in Japan and became a Schütz Dental Group (in Germany)-certified CAD/CAM instructor in 2009.

  • Sharon Ashley

    Ceramist at Quality Dental Lab

  • Scott Atkin, MDT/RDT

    Works at Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies, LLC

    Scott Atkin, RCDT, RMDT, is a graduate of the Royal Dental Hospital of London University with a degree in dentistry. In 1979, he founded Creative Dental Laboratory, a technology-focused full service laboratory in Scottsdale,...

  • David Avery, CDT

    Director, Professional Services at Drake Precision Dental Lab

    David Avery, AAS, CDT, is the Director of Professional Services at Drake Precision Dental Laboratory in Charlotte, NC. He received his AAS degree in dental laboratory technology from Durham Technical College in Durham, NC,...

  • Nick Azzara

    Altamonte Springs, FL

    Nick Azzara is the Vice President and Director of Argen Corp. Captek® Dept. A graduate of Alfred University, he was previously the President/Co-Owner of Captek™ Inc., a Division of Precious Chemicals LTD, and held positions...

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  • Hyung Baik, RDT

    Ceramist at Best Dental Lab, Inc.

  • Istvan Balogh, MDT

    Owner at Centric Relation Dental Studio

  • Zsuzsanna Balogh

    Owner/President at Centric Relation Dental Studio

  • Christophe Barthe

    Marketing at 3Shape

    Christophe Barthe is responsible for the development and marketing of 3Shape’s Ortho System, a CAD/CAM solution dedicated to orthodontics. Having worked with 3Shape A/S since the creation of the company in 2000, he...

  • Tom Bash, CDT

    Owner/Dental Technician at Creations Dental Lab

  • Michele Basic, CDT

    Dental Technician at Future-Dent Creation

  • Roseli Batista

    Dental Technician at Suburban Dental Lab

  • Jonathan Beauregard, CDT

    Dental Technician at Laboratoire Dentaire BR

  • Ryan Becker, CDT

    Vice President at Becker Dental Lab

  • Mike Bellerino

    Owner/Ceramist at Trinident Dental Lab, Inc.

    Michael Bellerino, CDT, is an accredited member of the AACD and an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Prosthodontics at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry. A lecturer and author, he currently...

  • Nachum Ben-yosef, CDT

    Owner at Fancyteeth

  • Jay Black, CDT

    Co-Owner at Winter Springs Dental

  • Julita Blaszczak

    Student at Midwest Institute- Technology

  • Liza Boivin

    Works at Bego Canada Inc.

  • Jeffrey Bolton

    Owner/President at Bolton Dental Laboratory, Inc.

    Family owned and established by Jeffrey L. Bolton over 30 years of success! Taking on newest CAD/CAM technology with Preciso S200 scanner, M200 milling machine and Dekema sintering furnace for all our LAVA PLUS HT MONOLITHIC...

  • Nelson Bonet

    Nelson Bonet is a Ceramic Specialist and has been in the industry for over 25 years. A technician at Creative Dental Laboratory, Inc. for 11 years, he specializes in e.max veneers, full-mouth diagnostic waxups, and is a master...

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