LAB DAY Chicago 2011

Feb 25-26, 2011 · Chicago, IL

Educators at LAB DAY Chicago 2011
  • A
  • Paul Andrews

    Works at Jayhawk Dental

  • Francis Angelone

    Dental Technician at Denture Solutions, LLC

  • Rod Angus, CDT

    Owner at Angus Dental Lab, Inc.

  • Juli Ann

    Works at David Stubbs Dental Labs

  • James Anson

    Works at Hollywood Smile Dental Lab

  • Alek Aronin

    Dental Technician

    Alexander (Alek) Aronin began training in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1990 before moving to Israel where he cultivated his inspiration to create artistic porcelain restorations. In 2001, he opened a laboratory in Toronto and...

  • Scott Atkin, MDT/RDT

    Works at Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies, LLC

    Scott Atkin, RCDT, RMDT, is a graduate of the Royal Dental Hospital of London University with a degree in dentistry. In 1979, he founded Creative Dental Laboratory, a technology-focused full service laboratory in Scottsdale,...

  • Vahik Avasapian

    Works at Noble Dental Lab

  • David Avery, CDT

    Director, Professional Services at Drake Precision Dental Lab

    David Avery, AAS, CDT, is the Director of Professional Services at Drake Precision Dental Laboratory in Charlotte, NC. He received his AAS degree in dental laboratory technology from Durham Technical College in Durham, NC,...

  • Tony Awad, CDT

    Owner/President at First Impression Dental Lab

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  • Hakob Babayan

    Works at HB Dental Studio

  • Brandon Babb

    Works at Gwinnett Tech College

  • Darwin Bagley, CDT

    Works at Attachments International

    Darwin Bagley, CDT, AS, is director of education at Attachments International and has over 20 years of experience in the field. He is the senior technician on the company's technical support team and also its web master....

  • Felix Barba, CDT

    Ceramist at Oral Esthetics Dental Studio, LLC

  • Daniela Behringer, MDT

    Daniela Behringer, MDT, is a customer support ceramics technician with Dentaurum Germany. She has also been a ceramist in Germany since 1992 and has been lecturing since 1998 in Germany and abroad.

  • Mary Borg-Bartlett

    President at SafeLink Consulting, Inc.

    Mary Borg-Bartlett, President of Safelink Consulting, is recognized in the dental laboratory industry for her knowledge and sharing of methods to comply with OSHA standards and FDA Quality System Regulations requirements....

  • Thomas Bormes

    CEO at PREAT Corp.

    Tom Bormes, MBA, is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Preat Corp. and a well-respected expert in dental prosthetics, implant restoration and precision attachments. Bormes was the founding President of APM Sterngold, has...

  • Ruth Bourke

    Owner at Re Bourke

    Ruth Bourke, CDT, earned certificates in Dental Technology and Advanced Prosthodontics from the City & Guilds of London Institute in the 1970s. She took her first technician position at Guy's Hospital and later became a senior...

  • Nannette Boyd, CDT

    Technical Specialist at Zahn Dental

    Nannette Boyd, CDT, Zahn’s Technical Specialist, joined the Zahn Team in 2008 and is responsible for instructing, installing and providing technical support for the Dental Wings Operating System. With over 20 years’...

  • Ricki Braswell

    CEO at Pankey Institute

  • Rob Brenneise

    Works at Den-Mat Holdings, LLC

    Rob Brenneise is a dynamic, entrepreneurial business strategist who has had a profound influence on the cosmetic dentistry industry for nearly 20 years. He has keen insight for identifying business opportunities and driving...

  • Chris Brown

    Application Engineer/Dental Specialist/Consultant at Axsys Dental Solutions

    Chris Brown, BSEE, is currently an Application Engineer with Axsys Dental Solutions. He was the business manager of Apex Dental Milling in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 7 years. He lectures on CAD/CAM and his experience with CAD/CAM...

  • C
  • Mark Castle

    Dr. Mark Castle is a 1979 graduate of the University of Detroit’s Dental School. He has a wealth of teaching experience, serving as an adjunct clinical professor at Northern Arizona’s Dental Hygiene Program and lecturing...

  • Tais Clausen

    Founder/CTO at 3Shape

    Tais Clausen, CTO and Co-Founder of 3Shape, has been a key visionary driver in the company’s technology development. His close, almost daily involvement with dental labs and clinics using 3Shape worldwide is the integral...

  • D
  • Andrew Do

    Owner at Cassidy Dental Studio

  • E
  • Jungo Endo, RDT

    Torrance, CA

    He is a member of Oral Desgin.

  • Jim Erb, CDT

    Lab & Marketing Consultant at ProLab Solutions, Inc.

    Jim Erb, CDT, is a Dental Laboratory Consultant for ProLab Solutions, Inc. He received his dental laboratory training at Durham Technical Community College and in the U.S. Navy. He is a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania...

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  • Gary Fichtner, CDT

    Owner/President at Esthetic Dental Arts

    Gary Fichtner, CDT, has been dedicated to innovations in dental technology for over 35 years. He is the founder of Esthetic Dental Arts in New Mexico, and Clōn 3D, a company dedicated to bringing advanced dental technology...

  • Al Fillastre, CDT

    Owner at Ceram-O-Arts

    Al Fillastre, CDT, owns and operates Ceram-O-Arts Dental Laboratory in Lakeland, FL. He began his training in dental technology after receiving his BS degree in chemistry from Stetson University in 1975 and later began working...

  • Ramon Flores

    Product Specialist at Amann Girrbach America

    Ramon Flores is a qualified Amann Girrbach trainer in all phases of the dental laboratory. He spent seven years fine tuning his dental laboratory skills and training in Germany, specializes in the field of CAD/CAM technology...

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