• IPS Empress Esthetic

    Product (IPS E.max) · IPS E.max · Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. · Consumables

    Since the early 90s, the press technology has stood for accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations and has enthused patients, dentists and dental technicians alike. IPS Empress Esthetic is the material of choice when...

  • IPS Empress Esthetic

    Dale Dental

    Dale Dental is a Certified IPS Empress Laboratory All Empress restorative products are fabricated using the lost wax technique. Using this technique, waxed patterns of crowns, inlay/onlays or laminates are invested and...

  • R&E Tax Credit: Turn Your Research and Experimentation Efforts Into Dollars

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Management · May 2006

    Experimenting with new products? Adding new equipment? Learn how to turn your research and experimentation efforts into dollars for your laboratory; this is especially good news for million-dollar-plus labs.

  • Top 5 Strategies For Capitalizing On Downtime

    Maribeth Marsico · Management · Jun 2009

    From reinvigorating marketing to enhancing employees' skills, laboratory owners share strategies for staying productive when workloads slow down. If business is slow, don't make the mistake of thinking...See more

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