In 2012 Dale Dental, Americas most recognized name in lab-to-lab outsourcing, and Fusion Laser came together to market, manufacture and distribute Fusion Laser digitally produced PFM restorations, directly from customer scans, to the North American marketplace.

Together, Fusion Laser PFM understructures by Dale Dental create the highest quality digitally produced PFM restorations supported and manufactured by the worlds most experienced name in dental outsourcing.

Available in your choice of eight alloys--including high noble, noble or base--the restorations are manufactured by Dale, shipped in 24 hours with free return FedEx shipping and come with Identalloy stickers and a lifetime warranty.

Efficiency • Now Matched

Fusion Laser PFM restorations are produced using the latest high tech manufacturing equipment combined with proprietary software and processes that ensure extremely precise fits for all of your PFM copings and bridge frameworks regardless of span or alloy chosen.

With Fusion, your lab can truly operate peak efficiency with restorations that truly match your scan files and fit your cases - all delivered fast and from the widest range of dental scanners including:

3Shape Scanners • Lava ST Scanners • Straumann Cares Scanners • DentalWingsScanners

Peace of Mind • Now a Piece of Cake

All Fusion Laser by Dale Dental restorations are made at Dale Dental's ISO 9001:2008 FDA GMP compliant facility located in the USA in Richardson, Texas. Dale Dental's industry-leading ISO third-party certification helps your lab fulfill its FDA requirement to use only FDA GMP compliant providers. This, combined Fusion at Dale's USA manufacturing, give you and your doctor's additional peace of mind in the legitimacy of the restorations provided to your patients.

The Fit. Guaranteed • Because That's What it's All About

The proprietary Fusion Laser process creates PFM copings and bridge frameworks that exhibit ultra-precise fits, both at the margin and over large spans. The consistency and reliability of this process means that Fusion Lasers guaranteed fit applies to even the largest span PFM frameworks without any risk or additional fees.

All The Materials • Give You All the Options

Fusion Laser restorations are available in the high noble, noble and predominantly base alloys listed below.

High Noble Classification Alloys Ethos HN1: Au 52%, Pd 37.5%, Zn 3.8%, Sn 3.4%, In 3.3% Ethos HN2: Au 85.5%, Pd 2.5%, Pt 8%, Ag 1%

Noble Classification Alloys Ethos N1: Au 2%, Pd 78.8%, Cu 10%, Ga 9%, Ir 0.1% Ethos N2: Pd 54.85%, Ag 35%, Sn 9%, Zn 1%, Ir 0.15% Ethos N3: Pd: 61.4%, Ag: 26.0% Sn: 6.0%, In: 4.0%, Zn: 2.5%, Ru: 0.1%

Predominantly Base Classification Alloys Ethos PB1: CoCr: Co 62.9%, 24.6%, Mo4.8%, W5.6%, Si 1.1%

Fusion History • How it all Began

Fusion Laser began, and is headquartered, in one of the worlds leading cities for medical patents, Tel Aviv, Israel. It was founded in 2009 by a group of software developers, dental laboratory technicians and medical manufacturing experts.

This combination of software, manufacturing and dental expertise in a country prized for its medical innovation "fused" together to Fusion digitally produced PFM understructures manufactured directly from dental laboratory scan files.

The Fusion Warranty & The Fusion Commitment • Neither End for Another Seven Years Fusion Laser understands the commitment you make to your customers does not end after the sale. That's why every Fusion Laser PFM coping and bridge framework comes standard with a class-leading seven year warranty. Please see the Fusion Warranty information for additional details.