CORAL Optical Zirconia

Coral Optical ZirconiaTM Restorations - Highly esthetic zirconia understructures ideal to build your crowns and your business on. All Coral understructures are manufactured from your model work using state-of-the-art modeling software for functional and esthetic coping and bridge framework design. Coral precision milling equipment is custom built to manufacture Coral zirconia understructures that exhibit exceptional detail and fit. Coral restorations are available in two formulas.

Coral Optical ZirconiaTM High Translucency - These restorations provide high strength and improved translucency over conventional zirconia restorations. They are unbeatable for highly esthetic single units anywhere in the mouth as well as bridges up to three units.

Coral Optical ZirconiaTM High Strength - These understructures provide the ultimate in strength for your most demanding indications while still offering remarkable translucency. They can be used for any position in the mouth with an unlimited span up to full arch.

Manufacturing Quality - With Coral Optical Zirconia by Dale Dental, you know you comply with the FDA's requirement to use only GMP compliant outsource labs. That's because all Coral restorations are manufactured in our controlled ISO 9001:2000 facility in Richardson, Texas USA.

Warranty - Both Coral Optical High Translucency and High Strength materials come with a five-year warranty against breakage. Please see literature for additional details.