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  • April 2011
  • Eurotek Dental Studio: Historic Home For a Modern Lab

    Andrea Babson was in love. In her search for a new home for her laboratory, she found the perfect building: a charming, 100-year-old, Victorian house. Then, she tore it apart in order to turn the 1,500-sq.-ft. structure into a state-of-the-art facility for Eurotek Dental Studio, a four-person C&B lab in Red Bank, New Jersey.

    It was a labor of love, but it wasn't an easy journey, requiring two years' worth of planning and building renovation before the actual lab construction could even start. Babson worked with an architect to remodel the building and tore down every wall that wasn't...

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  • Daymude Dental Studio: Room For Future Growth in Peoria, Arizona

    In 1999, Gary and Darlene Daymude opened Daymude Dental Studio in the garage of their home. They eventually outgrew the space and moved to a 4,000-sq.-ft. building, but the facility was far from perfect. "It was a 40-year-old building, with the departments divided up all over," says Daymude. "The only way we could have stayed there any longer would have been to completely gut it."

    Instead, the couple opted to build a 5,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art facility in Peoria, Arizona to house its 10 employees. To accommodate future growth, they installed 20 two-person workstations so it could easily...

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  • A Dream Come True For Continental Dental Laboratory

    "We're still dreaming," says Laboratory Manager Julie Dewane of Continental Dental's move from its cramped, outdated building into a new 12,000-sq.-ft. facility in July 2008. She notes that clients are just as enthralled with the lab's new digs. "The doctors we work with are very proud to bring their patients here, because our lab is an extension of their practice and it makes them look good too."

    Continental Dental Laboratory is a National Dentex lab, employs 48 people and is located in Phoenix.

    The first glimpse visitors get of Continental is an elegant reception area featuring rich wood...

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  • Offshore Pioneers Celebrate 25 Years in the Phillippines

    Once the focus of great controversy, Interdent in Manila has grown to a staff of 700 and regularly services a few hundred laboratories in 78 countries.

    Jerry Doviack used to be shunned at laboratory meetings. Now, 25 years later, laboratory owners are flocking to him for advice.

    Jerry and his wife, Tina, owners of Continental Dental Laboratory in California, are the pioneers in offshore laboratory work. In the early 1980s--wary of a declining economy, soaring gold prices, HMOs and other disturbing trends in the insurance industry--the Doviacks began researching the feasability of offshore...

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  • Summit Dental Lab: An Energy-Efficient Expansion

    In 2003, Summit Dental Lab had outgrown its 5,000-sq.-ft. facility in Waco, Texas. Owners Hal and Glenda Jones decided to gut and renovate the existing building and also build an addition. After 26 months of planning and construction, the lab expanded to 11,000 square feet and today has 38 employees.

    Hal Jones sent blueprints of the lab to the Dental Art team in Italy, and it gave the laboratory several different options for bench layouts. U.S.-based Dental Arte's Massimo Sasso then worked personally with Summit to refine the final look, including meeting one of his special requests: incorporating...

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