• Argen Digital

    CAPTEK BY ARGEN crowns and bridges can now be outsourced through Argen Digital. Laboratories have the option of sending a model or uploading a DCM or .stl file to to receive Captek...

  • Lava

    Lava Precision Solutions

  • SmarTech Dental Laboratory

    SMARTECH DENTAL LABORATORY has been offering quality restorations from China for over 10 years to its U.S., Japan and European clients. It specializes in high quality crowns and bridges at affordable prices;...

  • Captek® High-Gold Restorations


    CAPTEK BY ARGEN is an ideal solution for producing quality, high-gold crowns and bridges. This unique non-oxidizing PFM system offers excellent esthetics, biocompatibility and strength at a stable and...

  • Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace


    The Pro 200 Porcelain Furnace from WHIP MIX is affordable and designed with cutting-edge technology. It has advanced cycles for IPS e.max®, In-Ceram®, Wol-Ceram®, Captek™, sintered alloys...

  • ProPress 200 and ProPress SP Furnaces


    The ProPress 200 and ProPress SP from WHIP MIX are designed for cutting-edge pressing. Both furnaces have advanced cycles for IPS e.max® and Captek. The ProPress SP monitors the glass flow, sensing...

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