Dale Dental Contourz HD

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Contourz - Now in HD!

Now possibly the most esthetic option when choosing bruxer indicated full contour zirconia restorations

We've taken bruxer indicated full contour zirconia to a whole new esthetic level. Now you can too! Introducing the all new, Contourz HD, the new esthetic standard for full contour zirconia.

Bruxer indicated full contour zirconia began taking the world by storm over just the last few years. While renowned for its durable one-piece construction and favorable economics, full contour zirconia options have not always lead the way in overall esthetic value. That's all about to change.

A new bar has been set You're invited to make the switch to Contourz HD Esthetic Bruxer Indicated Full Contour Zirconia. As a lab owner you'll notice a markedly reduced time needed to achieve the desired esthetic outcome due to naturally greater esthetics already "built in" to the Contourz HD restoration. Your lab will also benefit from better positive feedback from your doctors when compared to previously available bruxer indicated full contour options.

Esthetics is not all that's built in Contourz HD achieves this new benchmark in full contour zirconia esthetics through a combination of materials, process and technology. The result means every Contourz HD restoration comes with more built in esthetics than ever before, but that's not all that's built in. As a leader in dental laboratory regulatory compliance, Contourz HD users benefit from the built in FDA GMP compliance and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility we've been known for. Even better, it's all made right here in the USA.

Directly from your scans Simply chose the "cus scan" option from our online case entry tab above and upload your .stl files directly to our server.

Your Contourz HD restorations will be manufactured and shipped as fast as 24 hours, or earn additional reward points and save even more money when choosing a two or three day turnaround time. Your Contourz HD restorations are retuned ready for minor surface finishing, staining and glaze.

Directly from your models Simply choose the Contourz HD Full Esthetic Bruxer Indicated option and the fields will update automatically to collect the necessary information.

Upon completion of the case entry process, our system will even let you know what to include, how to mark your models and even automatically complete the FedEx airbill. You simply print, affix the airbill to your box of models and send it off to Dale Dental.

Your Contourz HD from models will be returned in your choice of two, three, four or five day turnaround times and every Contourz HD restoration manufactured from your model is returned fully seated and finished. You simply stain and glaze.

As an additional option, you can choose to have the team at Dale Dental complete all of the staining and glazing for you. Begin entering your Contourz HD cases through the Online Case Entry tab on www.daledental.com or contact us today at 888-Get-Dale for more information.

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