3D Milling Center Services


  • 3D Milling Center Services

    3D BioCAD

    3D MILLING CENTER offers CAD/CAM custom abutment services including scanning models, designing abutments and final milling for proper fit and design. It can also wax up and scan your abutments for better accuracy. As a Diamond...

  • Compartis® Cercon® ht Zr02

    DENTSPLY Prosthetics

    The Compartis® central manufacturing facility makes it easy for your lab to do what it does best—brilliance in artistry. The open architecture capability allows Compartis® to receive files from any scanner that...

  • Cercon® ht

    DENTSPLY Prosthetics · Digital Fabrication

    Cercon® ht zirconia is the next generation of Cercon® technology brought to you by DENTSPLY Prosthetics. Developed from the clinically proven formula for Cercon base yttria-stabilized zirconia material, Cercon ht...

  • Compartis® NP

    DENTSPLY Prosthetics · Digital Fabrication

    Compartis® NP, from DENTSPLY SmartSourcing™ Services, gives crown & bridge labs the ability to utilize their in-house, digital scanners to produce Cercon® art or open architecture .stl files, that when outsourced,...