Sandra Sutton, CDT

Educator at Pasadena City College

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I began as a patient/trainee in1993 and then became a student in this profession back in 1997. After graduating for Pasadena City College I worked in a few labs part-time and volunteered at the VA. Hospital dental clinic. Soon after I returned to school to complete my associates degree and began working as a college assistant/ department technician for the DLT program. Over the years I moved into teaching such subject as Anatomy and full dentures. I have been exposed to the "five subspecialites" for many years and still feel like the novice as there is so much to learn about this profession with the ongoing technological advances and just the many different aspects and ways one can look at each aspect of DLT. There always seems to be more than one right way to approach a task as I have come to learn over the years. I lover what I do and try to keep up as best I can.