Which ingots do you prefer for Emax?

We mostly use LT, but have found that others are using mostly HT. Which do you use and when?

June 6, 2013

There are 3 answers
  • Michelle Mathuews · Dental Technician at Adena Dental

    I'm partial to the LT. Most of the dentists I work for prefer it too...They say the HT seems too gray for their liking.

  • Martin Martinez, CDT · Ceramist at Zahnwerkstatt, LLC U.S.A.

    I would say broaden your horizon. Emax offers so many ingot types that its too hard to say in general. But I can say that HT ingots are good for posterior stain technique, but if the wax up is too thick, it will be too gray. You can also use Value ingots in these situations. LT ingots are good for copings, but I find value ingots to work slightly better if you have good build up control. Hope this helps.

  • Patrick Coon, CDT/TE · Technical Consultant at Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

    My workhorse ingot is the LT with a little more now going to the value shades (V1, V2, V3).  The issue with the HTs is that they were developed to be an inlay, onlay and veneer material.  Because of this, they do great with thin resorations (<1mm).  As the HTs get thicker (especialy >1.5mm) they tend to go grey due to their translucency and the darkness of the oral cavity.  SOMETIMES, you can get away with going a shade or two lighter/brighter to couneract this effect, but not always.

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