How do you control air quality?

I visited a friends full service lab and the monomer fumes hit like a brick wall. To all of the denture do you control the air quality in your lab?

September 6, 2012

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  • Matt Paton · Owner at Electric City Denture Laboratory

    Several things.....

    1. Make sure you store opened containers and acrylic mixing bowls in a dark airtight...See more

  • Marta Lizza · Owner/Ceramist at Dental Designs

    "Getting used to it" is actually due to lesions of the nasal olfactory epithelium tissue and mucosal...See more

  • Esperanza Hempel · Owner at Smilewire Orthodontic Lab

    You just get use to the smell ;)

  • Get an ionizer. The best ones are made by Eagle.

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