What are the big future technologies?

How far out on the horizon is full arch digital impressions, model printing and full arch appliance (ex. tmj orthotic) 3D printing? I have acquaintances who manage very large labs and are "playing" with this technology, I understand the current costs, which are prohibitive for small, boutique labs.

Apologies if this is an old question as I am new to the Bridge.

December 20, 2011

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  • Betty Zoller, CDT/TE · Fort Wayne Regional Manager at Lumidnet

    Nice seeing this discussion, me, too new to the bridge. I would like some sugggestion too.

  • Ferenc Nagy · Dental Technician at Venetian Dental Studio

    its actualy alredy HERE and more and more Dentist are considering to buy it.
    Although I think the companies who selling them like ITERO are not quite ready to provide good costume care and support(speaking from experience).It will take a little time and training but it wil pay off.If you do a lot of single units you might end up paying more for the model printing.

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