Robert Hackney

Owner/Ceramist at Central Coast Dental Lab

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Would rather be good than fast, but would like to be fast anyway.

I've been in the business since before CDT. Or nearly so. Since 1972. Learned the complete C&B process, while deciding to avoid removables as a result of being the go to guy as my "initiation". The lab had a contract with the retirement community up the street for doing their relines.......who wouldn't be put off! Worked there as a gold tech for 3 years, then moved on to expand my self. Learned all aspects of metal before being hired by a Dr. In Michigan as an inhouse lab tech. There I learned, at both bench, and chairside to produce esthetic porcelain work that seats with ease. Not so easy! After this experience, spanning some 13 years, I opened my own lab. I wish I was as comfortable selling as making crowns! Had a foray into "big lab" environment in 2000 at Great White Dental lab in Santa Maria, CA. I believed I needed to "continue" my education, and I did. Nothing like a large lab to be exposed to the latest and greatest! Back in business for myself....happy parting, but happier as my on manager.