Zirlux FC2 and ST1

Digital Fabrication

ZAHN DENTAL’s Zirlux FC2 discs and blocks are a highly translucent, highly esthetic pre-shaded zirconia material available in five shades. They are fracture and chip resistant and can be milled as thin as 0.5mm at the margin, making them suitable for feather-edge preparations, full contour crowns, bridges, frameworks and inlays/onlays. A polished and glazed Zirlux FC2 occlusal surface provides less abrasion and wear against opposing dentition than a traditional PFM.

Zirlux ST1 is a high-translucency, strong, esthetic zirconia material that can be milled for full contour anterior and posterior crowns, bridges, frameworks and inlays. It’s available in multiple sizes and thicknesses making it an ideal choice for various milling machines and laboratories.

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