• June
  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Gradient Temp Discs For Temporary Milled Restorations
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Jun 19, 2014

    New from Whip Mix, Vericore® Gradient Temp Discs for temporary milled restorations. Vericore® Gradient Temp is a multi-layered PMMA material. Natural looking with ideal physical properties and high fluorescence, Vericore® Gradient Temp provides the milling laboratory with the perfect solution for long or short-term provisionals. With many layers and a seamless transition, the resin temporary looks like a beautiful final restoration. Just polish or use a light-cure glaze and the surface...

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  • March 2013
  • Whip Mix Introduces Vericore® Milling Discs
    Product News · Whip Mix Corp. · Mar 05, 2013

    Made with strength, beauty and stability, Vericore® milling discs are state-of-the-art milling materials that will satisfy you, your dentists and most importantly, the patient. From highly translucent zirconia for monolithic full contour restorations or substructures, to PMMA burnout materials to wax, Whip Mix offers a wide variety of materials and sizes for multiple applications.

    All Vericore® discs offer a diameter of 98mm and are available with and without collars in a variety of sizes...

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