ERA® Pickup Material


    The ERA Pickup product from STERNGOLD is a tissue-colored, auto-mixing, self-curing attachment processing material that can be used to pick up any attachment....

    ERA® Implant® System


    STERNGOLD's ERA Implant System combines the popular ERA Overdenture Attachment with a narrow-diameter, vertically resilient implant that immediately stabilizes...

    Sterngold Implant System


    The Sterngold Implant System offers flexible implant options for stabilizing overdentures and partial dentures. The user-friendly system features four...

    SternTek® Base Plate Material

    Product (Dentures)

    STERNGOLD’s SternTek Base Plate Material is a light-cure material for the preparation of baseplates. Polymerization is achieved by the usual UV-light...

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