Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer by Zirkonzahn

Digital Fabrication

Metallic primary constructions always slightly shine through zirconia bridges on titanium bars and individual zirconia abutments. This results in a high grey value of all works that is hard to minimise. Silver implant screws also cast a slight grey shadow onto the occlusal surface.

With the Titanium Spectral-Colouring Anodizer, metal bases and screws can now be colourised in one’s own laboratory in a multitude of colours, e.g. gold. This has the advantage that the metal bases shine through less due to the new colour. The device is very easy to handle, which allows colourisation of multiple titanium elements without changing their bio-compatible properties and strengths. Scientifical studies have even shown that the coloured oxide layer increases the bio-compatibility and osseointegration of titanium. In addition to the grey value reduction, the procedure can also be used for colour coding.

This way, analogue screws can, for example, be marked with a certain colour and implant screws with a different colour. This has the advantage that screws can be separated from each other at first sight.

For more information and example cases, visit www.zirkonzahn.com.

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