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Honesty and knowledge of the precious metal industry enables TALLADIUM to serve your needs and provide high returns. Committed to building a lasting relationship, the company purchases crowns, bridges, inlays, clippings, amalgam, platinum, castings, grindings, polishings and silver alloys. For more information, contact Steve Brennan.

  • Talladium CAD/CAM Materials

    Talladium, Inc. · Product News · July 16, 2013

    Manufactured using high quality powder with high translucency, TALLADIUM's yttria-stabilized zirconia is isostatically cold pressed and partially sintered, producing a distortion-free, excellent quality...See more

  • IPS Empress® Esthetic Pressed Ceramic System From Ivoclar Vivadent

    Ivoclar Vivadent Inc. · Miscellaneous · July 05, 2011

    A 28-year-old female patient with large diastemas on her anterior maxillary teeth disliked her overall tooth display and “gummy” smile.

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