The SR Vivodent DCL teeth known as the Blueline Family are made of state-of-the-art DCL material. These high quality teeth are available in A-D and Chromascop shades and in popular Bleach shades, allowing them to be used in a wide range of prosthetic situations. The natural looking restorations made with Blueline will give your patients good reason to smile. SR Vivodent DCL teeth are composed of a double cross-linked material, adapt at maintaining a high level of toughness and strength for all restorations.

Characteristics of SR Vivodent DCL include Tissue compatibility, Wear resistance, Plaque resistance, Permanence of shade, High grinding resistance, Outstanding polishability and a Strong bond to denture base materials.


•State-of-the-art DCL material shows excellent wear behaviour.

•Available in A-D shades and in 20 Chromascop shades.

•Lifelike layering design.

•Large selection of moulds, including Plus Moulds.

•Available in 16 A-D Shaes, 4 Bleach Shades, and 20 Chromascope shades.