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For all optical scanner systems and thanks to the optimised dry spray technique it is now also suitable for scanning impressions.

A detailed, precise and completely accurate record of the object due to the prevention of disruptive light reflexions. The optimised dry spray technique (precision spray nozzle together with micro-pulverised colour pigments) produces an even and fine layer over the whole surface, so that even the most difficult to reach areas, such as concave surfaces in impressions, can be sprayed easily and accurately, in contrast to sprays with a liquid carrier medium. No risk of puddle formation for the best results.

  • Maximum precision thanks to very thin layer application
  • Accurate edge representation
  • Undistorted surfaces
  • Optimal polygon count in the 3D model
  • Economical to use due to its high coverage
  • The special valve technology ensures spraying without clogging
  • The bottle size of 200 ml provides an optimal price-performance ratio
  • Instantly-adhering colour layer
  • Easy to remove using a steam cleaner or blow-out nozzle
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