NobelReplace® Conical Connection and Replace Select™


NOBEL BIOCARE’s NobelReplace Conical combines the original tapered implant body with a sealed conical connection to offer an esthetic solution for all indications. The body of all NobelReplace and Replace Select implants mimics the shape of a natural tooth root and is designed for high initial stability in all loading protocols including Immediate Function. Replace Select Tapered, an easy-to-use implant with the internal tri-channel connection, now offers two collar options: 1.5-mm machined collar for tissue-level restorations and the new 0.75-mm machined collar. The micro-roughness of the machined collar and abutment surface are similar to natural tooth enamel (Ra 0.3-0.5); these harmonious surface conditions promote optimal soft tissue attachment and a seal by the junctional epithelium for healthy and esthetic results.