• The Argen Corp. Acquires the Jelenko Dental Alloy Business From Heraeus Kulzer, Inc.

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · Apr 2011

    The Argen Corp. acquired the Jelenko dental alloy business from Heraeus Kulzer, Inc. Argen is incorporating the business into its San Diego, California facility but will maintain the Jelenko brand name for the alloys.

  • 25 Tips to Maximize Your Scrap Return

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Management · Sep 2009

    Are you getting the most from your precious metal scrap? Or are valuable dollars literally slipping through your fingers? Refiners share their hints for maximizing your scrap returns and elaborate on...See more

  • The Argen Corp. Acquires Manufacturing and Distribution Rights For Captek Technology

    LMT Communications, Inc. · Industry News · Feb 2011

    The Argen Corp., the largest dental gold producer in the world, has acquired the worldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for all Captek products and technologies.

  • JEL 71 Noble Palladium-Silver Alloy

    Jelenko · Consumables

    JELENKO's economical Jel 71 noble palladium-silver alloy offers exceptional strength for PFM applications, including implants. It can be used with both pressing and layering techniques and all regular-fusing porcelains. The...

  • Jelenko

    Product (Refining) · Refining · Jelenko · Tools / Services

    Serving the dental industry for 100 years, JELENKO offers a sophisticated, analytical refining service that uses procedures and additional scientific steps for high returns on your scrap materials. Each refine is supported...

  • NobleBond™

    Jelenko · Consumables

    NobleBond is a versatile, silver-free, corrosion resistant noble alloy, making it a great solution over titanium implants and suitable for both layering and pressing porcelain. Its relatively light color and high strength...