Scanning in a new light

The inEos Blue scanner sets new standards for dental laboratory digitization, thanks to its unique Bluecam technology, upgraded scan software and new user-friendly features. The inEos Blue delivers added flexibility for any budget, as it can be used either as a stand-alone module linked to infiniDent (Sirona's external production facility), or as a key component of your in-house CAD/CAM system.

Maximum control and flexibility

inEos Blue gives you complete control over the entire scanning process, so you are not tied to any predetermined routines. Via the 3D image catalog, you can tell at a glance which areas of the model have been fully captured, and those that have not. You are free to define the particular areas of the model you want to scan, so you can capitalize on your specialized expertise and know-how.

Speed and efficiency

With its quick scan time and autocapture function, the inEos Blue provides you with a clear time advantage, even with difficult preparations. The inEos Blue package consists of the scanner, a high-performance PC, plus the inLab 3D scanning and design software. This combination is the perfect entry to sophisticated CAD/CAM technology in your lab.

NEW: buccal registration

The inEos Blue takes full advantage of the latest version of the inLab 3D software with buccal registration feature. It is now possible to make a buccal registration to articulate the upper and lower jaws with a single scan. This is a must for the precise definition of occlusal contacts and optimum restoration design, eliminating the need for a bite registration.

NEW: STL-ready

The inEos Blue scanner now has the capability to save and export scanned data in STL format so that the data may be processed using third-party software.