CEREC Connect is the world's largest Digital Dental Network. It connects CEREC offices and inLab® laboratories from all around the globe. CEREC Connect paves the way for the "impression-free" dental practice, as well as to the "model-free" dental laboratory. Digital Dentistry is rapidly becoming a standard procedure for state-of-the-art dental offices and laboratories. At the current rate, digital impressions will very soon surpass conventional impressions as the preferred choice, which will open up new possibilities for collaboration between dentists and dental technicians.

The dentist will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to design, mill and place the restoration during a single-visit appointment (chairside method) - or whether to send the restoration to one of his preferred inLab laboratories by using a digital impression and CEREC Connect.

CEREC Connect is a Web-based communication platform designed exclusively for CEREC dentists and Sirona inLab laboratories. The service allows CEREC dentists to eliminate physical impressions by electronically transmitting a digitally-scanned impression to the inLab laboratory of choice. The dental technician designs the restoration on the basis of a virtual model - without the need for a conventional model. Then, the restoration is fabricated on a computer-controlled milling unit, either the inLab or inLab MC XL.