Ceramill Map400 Scanner

Product (Ceramill CAD/CAM System) · Ceramill CAD/CAM System · Amann Girrbach America, Inc. · Digital Fabrication

The Ceramill Map 400 Scanner is the next generation of advanced, fully automatic, high-performance digital scanners from AMANN GIRRBACH designed to work seamlessly with the Motion 2 Milling Machine. With the functionality, capabilities and precision of the Ceramill Map 300 scanner, the Map 400 is lighter,...See more

  • Software and Scanner Upgrades

    Kelly Fessel Carr · IDS 2013 Offers First Look at Emerging Innovations · Industry News · May 2013

    To expand indications and features, several companies introduced updated versions of their impression and model scanners and upgraded software packages.

  • Amann Girrbach Introduces New Milling Machine, Scanner, Materials and Furnace

    LMT Communications, Inc. · LAB DAY · Apr 2013

    Crowds gathered in Amann Girrbach's AGA Lounge to test drive and learn about the company's new digital equipment and materials: The new Ceramill Motion 2 milling machine combines the 5-axis milling technique...See more

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